What's in store for 2017?

2016 was most definitely a 'year of adventure'.

It's going to be difficult to beat the epic Alaska to New Mexico road trip. Or the awesome North American mtb stage races. But I do have a few wee ideas to keep myself entertained in 2017.

The biggie has to be the Highland Trail 550. I'm a little bit over big, flashy, expensive races at the moment and this appears to be anything but. No entry fee or form or prizes. No goody bag full of useless junk. I'm good with that. I can do my own Tesco run thanks!

This is just a list of names, setting off on a journey on the same day. I like to hope that some of them are going to end up as 'friends'. Adventures for me are always about the people you meet, the shared experiences (the smiles and the grimaces) and the bonds you form with your team mates.

The Adventure racing champs in Portugal is probably the closest thing I've ever done to the HT550. It would have been very, very different without the generous and caring friends inspiring, motivating and supporting me.
Back in 2009, crossing the finish after 7 days. 

And teaching me the words to Eye of the Tiger. I might still find myself singing that in some far flung part of the West coast.

So it's strange, and more than a little bit daunting, that I've entered a solo adventure. And we'll see how I cope with that challenge.

I've also planned a few mtb marathons - Selkirk and the Isle of Man and hope to fit in lots of shorter events, including the Superquaich cx series, Bowhill duathlon, a good few of the sxc mtb events and of course my favourite triathlons. I don't like to miss either Craggy or Aviemore. They are both just so much fun- I love the Durty Events and, if racing is all about the people for me, I know I'll meet some good ones at these events!

I'll be starting the year with a training camp in Girona with the Adventure Syndicate- a crowd of truly inspirational women. If they don't make you want to go out and have adventures I don't know what will.

Just after Christmas, I did my first proper road ride in about 7 months. So I guess that means training has started.

The lists are starting too... kit to buy or try out, gadgets and mapping (this may be my downfall) and hopefully some reccie rides over the next few months. Any excuse to go ride bikes in cool parts of Scotland!!

Hope to see you out on the trails in 2017!


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