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Broken bones

Slumped with my arm in a sling, Netflix in the background, I scrolled mindlessly through the internet, looking for some words of encouragement about recovering from a broken collarbone. What I’ve learned is that everyone has their own break and their own experience. But, in case it helps, here is the potted summary of mine.

Week one:  I was still reeling from the fact that someone had broken one of my bones. More than one as it turns out, though I wouldn’t discover that til later. I still don’t really remember whether I hit the van but I know that, as I rounded the corner into Byres Road, it was parked and I was staying well out from it in the fear that the driver might open their door on me. A mid-collarbone break, without too much of a gap. It was a good prognosis. Just put it in a sling for three weeks and you’ll be fine.
Getting dressed was a bit of a struggle. I would grow to hate those three outfits – the only ones that I could manage to pull on.  Thank goodness for spaghetti s…

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