Lost in time in the Tetons

It's been really easy to lose track of time on this trip. I think we've been here just over a week now but I couldn't say for sure. After doing The Grand it took me a few days to recover. We did a bit of sport climbing in Blacktail Butte and I checked out the biking from the Teton Pass (while Neil did more epic mountain adventures). We weren't short of evening entertainment either with a talk at the climbers' hut by a guide and then an actual rodeo in Jackson. A true cultural experience!

I had a very chilled out day riding the trails at Jackson hole (lift assisted on a full-suss for a change) then got caught in a bit of an epic thunderstorm while biking on the lovely cross country at Jackson the next day. Huge hailstones and lightning meant I just needed to get down off the ridge as quickly as possible and I ended up sheltering under someone's porch and phoning Neil for a rescue.

The Tetons are a real climbers' paradise and Neil was keen to stay here a bit longer to try the full traverse of the ridge, but at the same time not wanting to leave me on my own for days. I remembered that Greig (back home) said he had friends in the area so I sent him a quick message to find out if they bike. The response came back quickly.

'Do they bike? They ARE Teton mountain biking'

And so Greig hooked me up with Janine and Scott, who invited me to come stay with them in their yurt and showed me all the best trails in the area, as well as helping me get set for the race on Sunday. Grand Targhee has miles of beautiful, smooth trails so I had plenty to keep me entertained while Neil was climbing and it was great to spend time with Janine and Scott. Meeting cool people was one of the things I was most looking forward to from the trip and we are definitely managing to do that.


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