Back to the USA

Following the race, we did an epic 10hr drive back across the border into Montana, to the cool little town of Bozeman, where we spent a couple of days rock climbing, eating pizza and ice cream and marvelling at just how hot America is. We couldn't climb beyond 11am (when temps would already be in the high twenties) so this left plenty of time for planning the next few weeks of adventure. I could also tell myself I was acclimatising, just by eating ice-cream, as Bozeman was already at 2000m.

Climbing in Big Sky Country, Skyline route in the Gallatin Canyon, on the outskirts of Yellowstone
We drove into Yellowstone Park, managing to get there early before the hordes arrived, bagging a front row seat to wait for 'Old Faithful' geyser to erupt.  We settled down to make some pancakes and coffee for breakfast, during which time half of America arrived to sit right next to us and wait patiently for the geyser, all the time inspecting our pancake making skills.

Old Faithful erupts every 1.5hr or so, going up to 200ft

Pancake making audience

Yellowstone was full of amazing bubbling, sulphurous and colourful pools. I'm really glad we visited but we were also both glad to escape south into the slightly quieter Grand Teton National Park at the end of the day. 

Finally, a quiet spot away from the crowds. Turns out you just have to be willing to walk one mile from the main road.


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