Return to the USA

We drove across the border without too much of a wait and spent a great couple of days in Seattle, soaking up the boho vibe of the Pacific NW and catching up with friends. Staying at Julia and Chris' place in Ballard was pretty cool after a month in the van and Julia gave us a tour of the golden park and funky Fremont, with its troll and Lenin statue, culminating in the epic July 4th fireworks celebration.

Neil became best friends with dog Skye, named in memory of Julia's visit to Scotland so many years ago (I can't believe it was actually 11). They recommended a nearby hike- Kendall catwalk- which we enjoyed before coming back to join Cat and Josh, who Neil had met in Alaska, at their local brew pub. It was trivia night and the owner seemed a bit concerned that we just wouldn't know any answers - he asked if the friends we were expecting were American. He was right, we needed them! But we did OK on the three or four European questions (battle of the Somme, capital of Portugal..). We won some Mt Rainier beers as last place consolation prize. Result!!


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