Hundreds of miles of driving

Driving south from Whitehorse, we stopped off for a long soak at Liard hot springs, a much more natural and beautiful set of pools than elsewhere in Canada. Unfortunately, we had to admit that soaking in sulphurous pools doesn't get you clean and it was going to be days before the next shower. Days before anything much at all in fact, we had to really keep on top of filling up on gas/ water whenever we could. We took a detour through the North West Territories, which was mainly flat and forested with long, straight and often unsurfaced roads. The one thing I will really remember is the noise of the bugs hitting off the van. It was wild. They are big, they are vicious and they're ready to get you as soon as you venture outside. Super strong bug repellent was a good investment but we had to keep washing down our windscreen.

'Signpost forest' at Watson Lake

We had several waterfall viewing stops, as well as roadside pancake making, and a lot of podcasts on the long drive. I think I caught glimpses of both a bison and a black bear. Google maps took us a particularly interesting unsurfaced route through the fracking fields of Alberta. Despite the pot holes and squelchy road surface, we eventually made it to the Rockies.


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