You know you've made it when...'re in the 'women's health' section of the Herald. 

You would not believe how many people have come up to me in the corridors at work to tell me they've read this.  And it feels like the whole world is excited for me about the Celtman.  It's really humbling and wonderful to have this level of support.

I'm excited too!  I went through the fear and denial, wondering how I'm going to cope with the cold water and why I'm doing it at all. But now, I'm just plain excited about the beautiful adventure.  It's going to be EPIC.

No matter what happens on the day (hell, high water, you know the stuff), I'm the fittest and the fastest and the strongest I've ever been and that's just awesome.  I've had a great year and I'm going to have a great time on Saturday.  I know a lot of you will be out there marshalling or supporting other racers and, even if it might not look like it, I will be giving you a smile when I see you and will be grateful for your support!


planetbyde said…
Hi Elizabeth,

I'm jealous! That's the sort of thing you can cut up, keep and bring out once every ten years until you're 100 :-)

See you on Friday at the briefing, if not before. x

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