A spring in my step

The days are longer and the weather warmer.  Much as I've loved getting out for rides and runs in the snow, the hail and the mizzle, the warmer weather is more than welcome.  I didn't even notice that I was wearing thin gloves at today's race - a sure sign spring is in the air!  I always knew the February of the Celtman training plan was going to be the toughest bit. Hours of wet rides, persuading myself out the door for early runs or swims and giving it all on the turbo.  I'm pleased to say I've survived :) and thinking it just gets easier from here. The turbo is banished.

I've been lucky to have two awesome riding partners (and trail guides) the past two weeks - Marie up in Fort William and Rosemary in the Pentlands, showing me all the fun hidden trails and toughing it out no matter the weather. All this playing about on singletrack doesn't feel at all like 'training' but it paid off wonderfully at today's Glentress Duathlon.

I didn't get a great start - too far back the field and ended up crawling painfully slowly up the winding singletrack of the blue course.  At every possible opportunity I'd overtake one or two people, telling myself not to get annoyed, I was resting my legs for the run.  Eventually, I got my break and blasted down the rocky singletrack on the black route, catching up other riders on the technical bits and even riding one section where others were carrying.  I am never really one to be overtaking on the techie bits so, despite being on my hardtail, I was obviously still enjoying the benefits of the cloak of invincibility that comes with the full-bounce bike!

The run was painful.  It always is. But at least I felt I'd earnt the Easter egg on the finish line!  And beer prizes too for coming third place. It's sounding like a good start to a holiday. Just two more days of work, a sports massage and then I'm off to play at being a pro-cyclist for over 2 weeks. 

The next job is wrestling my bike into the bag.


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