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I've never been much into training plans. Too tedious; not enough room to go out and play with friends.  In the past, they've been left forlorn and accusing in the corner of the room or have started to lead to burnout (it's Thursday so I'm swimming)  However, the Celtman seems scary enough that maybe it's worth having a crack at following a plan.  I've promised myself I only need to do it for two months (before I go on holiday) and some steady training will see me through the miserable weather of January and February. After several years of endurance training, I know what doesn't work for me (i.e. other people's ironman training plans) so now I'm trying to find something that does. So how's that going for me then?

The swim (aka my biggest fear for Celtman)
I've admitted that I'll not stick to a plan involving more than two swims a week. So two quality swims a week it is.  I'm doing intervals and drills and I've been steadily increasing the distance on my longer swim of the week.  I'm pleased with the progress but worried that it will be choppy on the day, leading to a loooong time in the water.  So, with this week being 'big week' in the training plan, I went for the whole distance.  Now I know I can do it. I feel like I'm over the biggest mental hurdle. 
3.8km swim followed by 3.8kg muesli and another 3.8hr of work before the goggle marks wore off!

The bike (my favourite bit)
I found out a work colleague is also signed up for Celtman. 
'How's the training going'
'Well, I'm struggling to get in any biking in this weather'
Folks, it is grim out there.  I'm feeling the same way.  I have even turned to sufferfest on the turbo (strangely better than I ever imagined).  I have a group of hardcore friends and we get out on the road bikes once a week.  I know I can't do longer than 3-4hr without getting hypothermia but we're in it for the longhaul, me and my bike.  Things will get better.
Thankfully, mountain biking is still an option and (forgetting about the horizontal hail and sleet in Aviemore last weekend) generally isn't quite as grim.  We're trying to protect the waterlogged trails round Mugdock so our night rides aren't too technical but there are times when it's just lovely to be out.
I'm getting in the miles.  I couldn't do it without all my friends.

The run
My main aim here is not to injure myself. I'm trying to run three times a week, including one session of hill reps and one longer run, where I'm building up the distance.  I've found that a post-bike ride run actually warms my icy toes up less painfully than getting in the shower does.  I might run like a penguin straight off the bike (this has always been the bit of triathlon training I've hated the most) but I know it's good for me and sometimes I even manage to make myself do it.  It helps when Neil is there saying 'I'll start making fajitas, ready for you coming back from that run'.
We had a beautiful sunrise yesterday morning. Seeing the silhoutte of the tall ship and the squinty bridge over the Clyde, I was pleased to be up so early and running.

Bells and whistles
The 'other stuff' part of the plan involves some strength training.  I couldn't get into my normal 'total body workout' class this week (stowed out with new year's resolutions) so I thought I'd give the kettlebells class next door a wee go.  MISTAKE!!!  I still hurt from it three days later. Not the best for getting in the training miles and I have to admit, all that swinging about of heavy weights alarms me.  I know it's fine if you do it right but I just feel that it's all too likely to cause serious injury if you get it wrong.  Lesson learnt.  Focus on what works for triathlon.

So, all in all, the plan is going well.  I'm still having fun and it's stopping me from overtraining or panicking about undertraining.  I can see progression and I know it's not long til I get a bit of sunshine as a reward. 


planetbyde said…
I see you're getting through as much meusli as me! ;-)
kate said…
good work, keep it up! ...still chuckling at you having goggle marks whilst at work ;)

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