Build a good endurance base they say

I've just entered a very scary triathlon.

Fortunately, as my Dad pointed out, I started training early for these sorts of things.  It's all about the mountains. Maybe I also need a cape?


trio said…
Wow that looks amazing! Lots of fun training needed.
Julbags said…
Jez and I have been drafted in to support a friend doing that, so will hopefully see you there! Both of us need to get our hill running legs developed so either of us can do the last support leg. Fortunately I won't need to train as much as you though.

Look forward to reading all about your training efforts.
Elizabeth A said…
Oooh, that will be nice to meet you. I will be the one trailing along at the back. Barring miracles, I wont make the cut-off to be allowed on the mountain but hopefully I will still finish.
annamaria said…
thats ma girl !!! hope you enjoyed holiday, and happy new year with much fun and adventures :) see you soon

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