Devil's staircase and ciaran path

Soaked before we’d even loaded the bikes onto the carrier. It wasn’t looking the best of weathers to be heading up to Glencoe but Chris was determined to be enthusiastic. Despite mine and Al’s best efforts, come 10am, seven hardy souls were standing kitted out in rain jackets, surveying the climb up the Devil’s staircase.

A long day of technical riding lay ahead, starting with a push up the Devil’s staircase then a puncture ridden ride down towards Kinlochleven, turning right along the landrover track to reach the dam. There we stopped for lunch and (as far as I could see) to entirely rebuild Al’s bike, thanking Gav for carrying spare cables (as you do). Apparently we’d only gone 12km by that point, it took at least 3hr.

Then it was down the Ciaran path. I think it’s meant for stronger riders than me so really I’m just glad I got out alive. Less of a river than expected (it helps when you’re prepared for the very worst) and actually a really pretty route so I’m glad I went, even if it meant a bit of walking. More punctures. Quick cake stop in Kinlochleven. Then up the longest hill in the world to get to, oh yes, more hill except this time rockier. So from then it was a push / ride combo all the way up the West Highland way again, pausing only for Andy to ride off a slimy cliff (deliberately) then for Chris’s bike to fall apart (not deliberately). By the time we got back to the car in Glencoe, Al had bent his rotor and was bike-carrying alongside Chris. They may have missed out on a great descent but at least we all got a great dinner in the Drovers. Definitely a classic day out.

Note: Neil maintains that going out biking in the kind of weather is crazy. Apparently, hanging upside down in a dripping wet cave, 'dry'-tooling is a far more sensible way to spend your Sunday. Apparently he's the sane one of the relationship.


an epic trail. havent ridden myself but your write made it sound 'interesting'! :)
Jo said…
Happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you got up to some suitably energetic outdoor activities!

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