SXC - Cathkin braes

Leg muscles exploding, I'm putting all my weight into turning the pedals - they're turning, they're turning...almost...and my back wheel spins out. Back to running again, if you can call it that, given how much I'm slipping backwards with every step.

As lovely as it was to see fellow Westies John and Drew, I would have liked them to see me actually riding my bike, seeing as how it was a bike race and I was pretending to be better at biking than running!!

Today's SXC was at Cathkin Braes, home of the 2014 Commonwealth Games Track. I hope those foreigners are saving up for some good mud tyres. 1hr40 of racing and I'm still scrubbing the mud off my legs hours later. Only to find some bruises and red stripes from the superman-style fall I had down the first hill. It wasn't a very technical course but the short steep downhills all became crazily muddy and there was a lot of sideways descending going on.

A good race but a tough one with all the mud. I got a branch stuck in my wheel at one point but it didn't seem to make things anymore clogged or difficult than they already were! I think my bike might take a while to recover from the mud bath. And somehow the whole house seems to be full of mud now (probably a coincidence?). The only thing to come home shiny is my lovely 3rd place trophy. I think there was at least 4 people in my category so it's not too bad for my first race in the 'sport' category. And it's a really sociable crowd racing - definitely a race you can do for fun.


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