So much to do so little time

Think I've just been far too busy having fun to blog about it. But a rest night is on the cards for tonight, albeit grudgingly (the sun is still shining!)

So what's been happening then?

We had a lovely day biking in the Pentlands at the mtb orienteering event. Great course (well done Rosemary) that gave us plenty of downhills. We decided to be brave and risk going up the big hills in search of big points (well, actually in search of lovely downhills). I was very impressed with my team mate's style in riding up all the big hills (he doesn't like pushing bikes) and then had to just try to hang on while careering downhill in pursuit of him. A quick sprint back to the finish line meant we sneaked into first place - not bad for first mtb orienteering. Only one map blunder and one puncture. Lots of fun.

Then it was the Whangie whizz hill race last week. I just had to share the sunshine with you so thought I'd nick this photo from John (thanks!). Had to work had to resist stopping to look at the view and (for about the first time ever) I wasn't on the last page of the results. Maybe I need to stop using the 'I don't do short races' excuse. Hoping it means I'm getting faster but it's my first time running the race so I've nothing to compare it to.

And then I'm just back from a few days of biking in Sierra Nevada. Fantastic trails, just my kind of riding and with lots of big climbs and long descents. Here is me wearing an impossibly large amount of clothing. Turns out it's quite cold still at 2300m and you get a sort of onion effect as you descend, with layers coming off one by one.

Just to top that (is it possible?) we've had all sorts of high days and holidays in April and May. A 78 mile bike ride round Dunoon with the 25 strong Glasgow Tri Club peleton was about the best way to spend the royal wedding (and avoid what turned out to be a riot in Glasgow - glad I wasn't running in Kelvingrove).

Then we headed North, stopping briefly at the Drumochter pass to run up three unpronouncable munros and still making it to the mountain cafe in time for a long black and chocolate cherry brownie. Then even further North (I'm starting to believe Inverness is in the South now) all the way to Lochinver. We camped by the sea and soaked in the amazing views and unusually balmy weather, while sipping wedding anniversary champagne. I was completely silenced by just how beautiful it was.

No mean feat there.

It was wonderful not to be up too early on Sunday. Just a stroll along the headland to get to the point of Stoer. I'd agreed to 'lead' the swim pitch to get to the base of the climb but (thank goodness) someone had got there before us and left their Tyrolean in place. Much relieved, I managed to drag myself across. My core muscles are still hurting, it's much harder than it looks.

Same goes for the rest of the climb.

There was a whole lot of cursing and maybe a few tears. Definitely a resolution never to climb again (which is already waning). Even Neil agreed that it was a bit stiff for a VS. And perhaps only climbing once a year then expecting to swan up the hard stuff is a bit silly. But Neil did a great job of abbing back down to patiently talk me through the difficult bits and it was great to be at the top. Finally. And umm, then sort of great to trust my life to my ability to attach onto a rope and ab back down and hope I didn't land in the sea.

Finally, some more Munros to finish off the long weekend at Ben More Assynt and Conival. Close inspection of the Munro bible in the evening revealed that I'd just celebrated my 50th (and 51st) Munro. If I don't watch, I'm going to get a habit. Am I a closet Munro-bagger?


Jo said…
Ah, it all sounds FANTASTIC, E. A never-ending supply of outdoor fun. Did you go to Sierra Nevada with a guiding company or was it a DIY effort?
Elizabeth A said…
Went with Pure Mountains who were really good at finding the right kind of biking for everyone in the group as well as being lovely people (and bleeding my brakes and providing lovely cakes every day etc etc)
kate said…
yep, certainly sounds like a good excuse for not sitting indoors in front of a computer!! ...the first stage of becoming on of those 'baggers' is a running total ;)
Wondered why you'd been quiet.... sounds a great and varied couple of adventures.

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