Why are things fun?

I feel like I've worked hard this week. Four solid swims, three strong runs and a bit of a turbo session. It's a nice feeling. So, in efforts to avoid an early-season burnout, I decided the weekend would be all about fun.
So that would be mountain biking then.
I'm not sure why it's fun. I've spent the week trying to hide my arm during work meetings and I'm quick to recognise that shocked look on people's faces as they ask me 'what on earth did you do to yourself?'. I'm not sure whether it sounds better or worse if I give the full explanation (well, a skier skied into me then the next week I followed Elsie off a cliff at innerleithen, which would have been fine til my rear mech smacked off the rock, it really didn't hurt honest but I was a bit worried watching my bike rolling down the hill.....)

So this week, I texted Keavy to see if she fancied a spot mountain biking and I was really pleased when she agreed to come out on her first ever off road ride. Given that's she's a veteran road rider, I was trying to rack my brains to think about what you need to know to mountain bike. And what's hard and what's easy? Can we go down here or will that put her off for life / result in horrific injury? We tried a route at Mugdock along the west highland way to Dumgoyne then back through Blanefield. Not too technical but a bit tricky after the rain. I was totally impressed at Keavy riding down the rocky bit. Even though I know I can ride it, there's always something in my brain telling me it's a daft idea. Yet somehow, this is what makes mountain biking fun.

My aim was to convert Keavy to the muddy side. To make sure the ride was challenging but fun. She still thinks moving to Spain is the way forward for Scottish winters (probably right) but she's at least slightly swayed. And I still love it and wear my muddy flecks with pride.

Waved to someone I know from work in the park. He didn't recognise me! He was disguised as a runner, the hely hansen stripes a bit different to his normal shirt. I love the way people can have so many facets to their lives and so many passions. More mountain biking for me tomorrow -yay!


The German said…
I always consider road and mtn biking to be more aligned to being cousins rather than siblings. Similar to sea and river kayaking. nice how sports can be soooo similar but equally as different.

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