Running smiles

Alarm goes off but is drowned out by the howling gale and lashing rain outside. 6am run in nearly hailstones. Fantastic.
After 10min of the weegie equivalent to a sandstorm, a warm shower and cuppa are beckoning me home. I nod hello to another runner, similarly wrapped up to the gills and she smiles. Hey, didn't we meet out running with Helen a few weeks back? (something about my running look must be distinctive as she couldn't have made out my face - is it the buff and shabby windproof?). Come join us, I'm out to meet a really great group. Their smiles carried me round the rest of the way. How many other runners did I meet that morning? 10? 12? and how many smiles? so many. For me, the runner community is so important. I don't know these guys but I know we have something in common and our shared comical grimaces on a dark winter morning acknowledge that and help me lace my trainers in the morning.


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