Joining the dots

Today my plans fell through and I ended up on my way out to Mugdock, without any clear idea of where to go. I could do my 'usual' loop like last weekend's but isn't it time I learn my way round the closest trails to home?

So my mission was for no singletrack to be left unfollowed.

On several occasions, I was lured down some promising-looking trail to find myself in bog (over the top of the waterproof socks - d'oh) but suddenly, my mental map of the park seemed to be filled in and I was enjoying the moors and the twisty, rooty trails through the woods. Separate trails became linked in my mind. AND THERE'S SO MANY MILES OF THEM. I was riding round for 4hr and didn't cross the same bit twice. Awesome.

So now I'm home, watching the world track champs and pleased with a hard week of training. This is definitely going to be recovery week now. I'm going out for dinner with each side of the family, got a massage booked and will be finishing the week with the final Glentress duathlon. Which I can't wait for. Who knew I'd be loving my short races so much this year? I would say I'm going to be catching up on lost sleep this week but tbh I'm sleeping 10hr a night anyway. Turn on the tv and my eyes shut within seconds...zzzzz.


kate said…
did you see the size of the splinter?!! blimey!

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