End of the year, end of the marcothon

I completed it!

I finished off the year with a beautiful long run along the Clyde walkway (thanks for the route suggestion John) and then a hill walk/ run on Hogmanay. This might have been cheating slightly as it was really a hill walk but my back was really hurting a bit on the way up and I think my body was telling me it was time for a break from running. So a bit of a gentle jog on the way down, to round off the challenge.

I've managed an average of 1hr of running a day for 31 days and I've really enjoyed doing it. I think more than anything else, I enjoyed the simplicity of running - no muddy bikes to clean or punctures to fix and the fact that I suddenly had loads more time to see friends and family, cook and even go to the cinema. It was excellent timing for the challenge as I don't think I'd have managed out on my bike anyway in the December tundra. Sometimes the festive season can all feel a bit overwhelming with so many dinners and parties so I really appreciated the 'me' time each day (or the 'me and Neil' time, on those days where I had a running partner).

So, all in all, a great way to spend a month but New Year's day saw me back on my bike, with a big smile on my face at the prospect of a beautiful long run round Oban. No doubt 2011 will see a lot of different kinds of challenges and adventures, some are being planned already and some will be spontaneous. I'm looking forward to it!


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