Cycle coaching course

I'm don't know how interesting this is for you people in blogland but thought I'd share it anyway, in case there's anyone out there thinking about doing a coaching qualification. I did the first part of my Cycling Level 2 coaching qualification at the weekend. I now have to go and put my skills into practice with the kids club I help with and also do lots of other homework, read codes of conduct and complete various forms relating to health and safety and risk assessments. Then I come back in April to do my coaching assessment. The amount of homework is slightly overwhelming but I'm sure I'll get it done eventually - maybe next time the ice stops cycling outdoors.

Aside from all the dull paperwork, the lovely people at Scottish Cycling managed to clear enough snow from the car park for us to do the practical activities. I was suffering a bit from 'imposter-syndrome', wondering whether my cycling skills are really good enough to be a coach. This was compounded by the fact that there were clearly some ultra proficient cyclists in my coaching groups. Doing a mock session on 'getting on and off your bike safely' with someone who can only be described as a world-class athlete is slightly weird. Luckily the trainee coach who was fresh from the athlete's village in Dehli was assigned to the other group.

I had to keep reassuring myself that I'm coaching beginners and it's ok if I can't wheelie round the carpark or do the assualt course no-handed. The course leaders were all really supportive with this and made sure we knew it was about how to be a good coach and help people improve. I also learnt lots of good games which I'm sure the kids will love and lots about how to make sure things sink in with people, where to stand when you're coaching and how to get your point across using different kinds of demos. It was nice to have a couple of P.E. teachers there who could share their experience.

We were outside for about half the course with everyone getting the chance to be a coach and lead a short session. All a bit chilly in this weather so it was much appreciated whenever the mini-session included a race! We also did some of the same stuff as at the ride leader's course (bike checks etc.) and it was good to get a refresher on this. I think if it had all been completely new to me I would be suffering severe information overload.

It was a bit disappointing to see that out of the 16 trainee coaches, only 2 were women but hopefully that was just a blip. It would be good to see some more girls staying on at the club once they become teenagers and more female coaches can only help with that.

So now for the homework...


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