Still running

Wednesday was the half way point for the Marcothon but there was no sense of achievement, more an unenthusiastic 'what, only half way, I have to do all this again?' I'd had a couple of good hour long runs Monday and Tuesday, not bad going after Sunday's long run. But by Wednesday I was really feeling it and it was as if my whole body had slowed right down. I swear Neil had to keep slowing to a walk to accommodate my trundling pace. Then my knee started hurting and I decided it was all a stupid idea. The run was cut short to 30min then home for dinner (bah humbug etc.)

As it turns out, Thursday was in fact an entirely other day and suddenly running was good again. I managed to get through a club hill reps session feeling strong and without any sort of knee pain at all. I ran home from the train station tonight, weaving in and out the Christmas shoppers and dodging the party-goers spilling out of pubs. It might have been a slow run but December hasn't beaten me yet. I will keep running.


Te├árlach said…
Keep going girl! I'm not doing many of my long runs but I've managed the minimumevery day. Cx
Elizabeth A said…
a little bit everyday is still a lot, especially in this weather. My legs just feel nicely tired at the moment. Glad you're keeping going!

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