Running with a Christmas theme

Gratuituous Christmas-themed post-run treat

Not sure who looks more embarrassed here

9 days later and I'm still running. This past month, it feels like I've really got out and seen the best of Glasgow and the surrounding area. Mugdock, Calderglen, Chaterlherault, Auchencruive - they're all really beautiful and have benefited from the snowy scenery and spectacular light. One day I'll need to learn to do it some justice with a camera.

Our Christmas day run in Ayrshire was the first time that the mercury has pushed above freezing and it was a lovely feeling to actually be able to chat whilst running. All this month I've been hiding behind multiple buffs or my jaw and lips have been so cold I can't really form words properly. So a bit of sunshine was appreciated, even if I know full well it's result is sheet ice across Glasgow.

I entered the Ayr 5km fun run on Boxing Day, dressed as santa, in an impossibly large green felt outfit. Obviously the santa it was designed for doesn't run very much, or perhaps frequents the outside of sweetcorn tins and is very jolly.

Either way, me looking like an idiot was all in a good cause.

When we visited Morocco earlier this year we were really moved by the dried up lakes, where the nomad people used to live but which could no longer support them. So I decided to run for Oxfam, who are trying to highlight that climate change affects the world's poorest people more than the rest of us (who are busy wingeing about the snow). Neil's mum did a sterling job of explaining this to spectators and giving out Oxfam stickers, while I just ran the 5km and tried not to get too hot. My time was 23min46, which isn't a bad time for me really, especially dressed in a giant santa suit and with a rather nasty cold.

Not sure I'll be able to fight the cold off long enough to actually finish the Marcothon but I've loved it up til now. Fingers crossed for just a few more days.

Neil managed to prove once again that completely resisting any form of training and only running once in a blue moon is the best possible way to get faster. He knocked out an 18min pb to come in 4th. 3rd if you don't count the junior in front of him.


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