Much sliding

This week's ice has seen work cancelled, cars stranded and people sliding all over the city.

Somehow, I am still running.

Choosing my routes carefully, walking when need be, doing hill reps on the grass and getting a lot of funny looks. I've still made it out every day. I would never have forced myself out there if it wasn't for the December challenge; the ice makes a welcome 6am excuse. But I've learnt to festoon my now warm radiators with running clothes the night before, making the getting up and out process just a little bit less painful. And once I get out there I love it. Only one fall, going down the underpass at Victoria park. It's given me a rather purple hip but apart from that I'm ok. I'm not injured and not even bored. I'm hoping I'm getting really strong with all the enforced hill reps (the small grass slope at the top of the street has been the safest place to run this week).

When not running, I've been to the climbing wall and I've been out for a night-time snowboarding trip in the campsies. The snow was pretty deep and getting back down was almost as much work as wading up the hill was. But it was great to get out and I'm still in awe that I live somewhere where this sort of stuff is possible after work. I'm even starting to think about winter climbing. Neil's enthusiasm is infectious. What to do this weekend?


Ben said…
I saw this link last year on Tea and Cake kate's blog

It really works, I have used them again this winter.
Elizabeth A said…
if this sort of snow comes back I will definitely be making myself some.

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