Kilpatricks to Milngavie

I run in the Kilpatricks a lot and, on so many times that I've been up there, someone has mentioned how you can apparently run to the Whangie from there. The Whangie has always been on a different mental map for me, since you go up a totally different road to get there but I've eyed it up from the top of Duncolm a few times and decided that, barring the short stretch of 'no-mans' land (possibly Gaelic for deep and tussocky bog) it's probably a really good run.

So today was the day. We took the train to Kilpatrick and, buying our single tickets, the conductor asked if we were planning to walk back. Err, yes, sort of.

We stepped out of the station to glorious sunshine and were soon making our way up the steady climb across the front of the slacks. I always have a competition with myself to see how far I can run for. The gradient starts of really gentle but just gets steeper and steeper until lungs are screaming and eyes are popping out. I got just a bit further than I have before but had to admit defeat at the cattle grid, just a little bit before the top. Leaning on the fence post and wheezing and spluttering I decided that I would do it one day. Just not today.

After that, the pace was a bit more gentle and we enjoyed our day out, stopping for photos and sour haribo monsters along the way. The reservoirs were iced over but the paths were fairly clear. It doesn't look like Glasgow will be running out of water in the near future. Thankfully the bogging stretch towards Burncrooks reservoir was still icy enough to be firm. Give it a few days of sun and it might not have been so much fun. Even with the harder ground I was still glad of my waterproof socks to protect me from the odd crack through the ice.

We ran round the edge of the reservoir and decided to follow the track direct to Carbeth rather than going up to the trig point and through the Whangie itself. Will have to do that bit next time though. Joining the West Highland Way just after Carbeth it was immediately much snowier than it had been all day and this 'short stretch to Milngavie' actually took a lot longer than anticipated. The closer we got to the town the icier and more treacherous it was.

Finally, with aching legs, we made it to the train station with enough time to buy a cup of tea and a cake. At 3hr15 it's definitely one of the longest runs I've done in a while but also one of the prettiest. I think more point to point runs are in order for next year and I've got a few interesting ideas for some wilder trips.


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