December is a month for running

Monday night was when the snow looked to be at its worst. I had my running stuff all ready for Westies reps but coming home to a cold flat I just couldn't face going out and slip sliding on pavements. I think it's ok to run in the snow but not with a large group doing reps on steep tarmac.

So it's a good excuse but somehow I still felt a bit of a wimp and that's probably what made me impulsively click 'attend' to the Facebook invite I received from Jude. I'd got it a while ago but on first glance ignored it because it sounded like a daft idea. In the glorious sunshine yesterday and beautiful winter landscape it somehow felt better.

It wasn't an invite to a one off event but to something that feels more like a way of life for December. I'm joining the marcothon, which involves running every day in December, for at least 3miles (or 25min), whichever comes first. It was dreamt up by another Glasgow runner and somehow has caught peoples imagination. The triathlete inside me is remonstrating that running every day is the best way to get injured but I guess I don't know that cos I've never tried it. And I'm running through powdery calf-deep snow - that surely can't be too bad?

I had the day off work yesterday so actually made it out for two runs - one along the old railway to Clydebank and one with the Westies round Mugdock in the dark. Both were beautiful in their own way and made me glad to be a runner.

So the stats so far:
1st December: 1hr40, 10miles and 1hr15 (7??)
2nd December: 1hr20, including hill reps at Jordanhill

Do two runs in one day get me a joker? Can I actually run every day when there's so many other fun things to do? Is it a bad idea? I'm not really sure but for now I'll just enjoy.


Te├árlach said…
Elizabeth. Me too. Have added a page at my blog to record this insanity! Good luck. Charlie
kate said…
good luck with the challenge. it to do with the guy who organised the whw? quiet a few folks seem to be doing it.
Elizabeth A said…
Hi Kate
This is where it all came from. I don't know Debs but recognise her face as I'm sure I'll have seen her out running round Glasgow.

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