First snowy ride

Cocooned inside two pairs of tights, wooly socks, overshoes, two thermals, a fleece, mitts and a down jacket I felt ready.

Ready to get out of bed.

Our boiler's been broken for over a week now and I'm very, very glad that I already own so many warm, fluffy and down-stuffed items. If Santa is watching, he'll know my head is full of thoughts of all things fleece-lined.

Still, cold is not an excuse for lingering in bed too long and I was out this morning to take advantage of a beautiful sunny day in Arrochar. We had a good ride around the Ardgarten peninsula. Not too much snow to make it tough going but enough to give the fire-roads a wee sparkle of excitement on the downhills. I think it's going to be a long winter but right now, I'm really looking forward to all sorts of snowy adventures. There's just so many things to do, from snowboarding by headtorch after work to winter climbing trips and running over crispy snow. People are already talking about turbo trainers but, while I agree my flat is probably the perfect temperature for it, I've not yet been tempted.

I can see my breath as I'm typing this.

I have some racing plans for next year already and one of the things I want to do now, while the nights are long, is improve my swimming. So I'm Mrs Swim at the moment, day and night, club sessions, solo sessions, lessons and filming. I've already had a lot of help identifiying what it is that I'm doing wrong and how I can go about fixing it. I think instinctively I'm trying to slice through the water rather than catch it. So I swim in a way that isn't much effort and doesn't get me very far very fast. Anytime I manage to catch the water it uses bigger muscles and I get out of breath and immediately go back to the old 'easy' way. Hopefully a few weeks of hard work will make a difference and keep me entertained on the run up to Chrismas. And not turn my hair too green with the chlorine.


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