Jeddart Justice Trail

I'm trying to hold on to the good weather and decided a day off work today and a long bike ride were a great way to start the weekend.

The name 'Jeddart Justice' apparently comes from the notion that you hang a man first and then do the trial afterwards. This pretty much sums up our biking style for today - ride first, plan later.

Perhaps we should've taken a proper map.

The 43km 'waymarked' trail round Jedburgh isn't quite so well marked as we'd hoped. I know if was done by volunteers and I'm grateful for their efforts so all my own fault really. Didn't spoil our enjoyment too much anyway. No matter where you went, the ugly buildings of Jedburgh could always been spied in the distance!

The riding was all fairly natural with lots of twisty forest, a few farm roads and some muddy fields. The North West loop was good enough to ride twice. Some good singletrack but nothing too exciting. In some ways it reminded me of the riding down in Hampshire - fairly flat and lots of farms. It definitely didn't feel very Scottish but maybe that's because Jedburgh's almost England anyway. It was nice for a change but I don't think I'd go back there.

I may not have planned the ride very well but at least I managed to plan the chocolate cake. Nigella's finest chocoloto pots. I think I could happily live off these!


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