Make hay (and jam) while the sunshines

Too much lovely weather for blogging but here's what I've been up to:

A long sunny ride in Argyll: land of the beautiful road surface and cute baby llamas

Making rhubarb jam courtesy of mum and dad's garden.

Open water swimming: I love it, I hate it. Bit choppy last week which caused me to throw down my wetsuit in disgust (as much as you can with fingers blue and numb from cold) and vow I would never swim again. Then completely changed my mind this week in the balmy weather. Bliss.
Riding at the (cycling) track at Meadowbank: it's outdoors so really a summertime sport. I had to demonstrate my fixie riding skills in the carpark before being allowed on which would have been fine if a. I had any and b. There wasn't a huge crowd of cycle couriers (oozing 'I ride a fixie all day long type vibes) watching me. They were very nice about me not being able to track stand tho and invited me to an alleycat race the next day, which sadly was in Edinburgh. Quite tempted for the Glasgow one next week!

Paddling in Loch Lomond, in an attempt to train for the Coast to Coast I've just entered.


kate said…
rhubarb jam sounds 'interesting', how much sugar do you need?

are you doing the coast?coast with rosemary?
Elizabeth A said…
It's a 1:1 ratio of rhubarb to sugar - very sweet and yummy.

I'm doing the coast to coast solo (gulp) I'm not sure whether Rosemary is also a solo. Will need to ask her. Bit of a spur of the moment decision but sounds like loads of people are doing it, should be fun.

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