First sky ride of the year

I recently cycled to Hamilton to see my parents and passed the factory where I did a week of work experience in high school. I remember it being really difficult to get to as it wasn't on the bus route and too far to walk. Yet it was only a 10-15min bike ride. So why was cycling not even thought of?

The whole reason I got into leading the sky rides and helping with the Glasgow Riderz was to encourage infrequent or non-cyclists to get a bit more confident with cycling and start feeling like they can go out on the road or they can go out by themselves, knowing they'll be ok if they get a puncture. Last year a lot of the sky rides only had a handful of takers so it's great to see it's taken off in such a massive way this year. Today was the first Glasgow sky ride of the year and we had nearly 30 people of all ages and on all sizes of bikes. It was slightly manic trying to get them all across the roads but people seemed to enjoy it and were asking about future rides. I think British Cycling definitely have the right idea and, one day, we WILL be a nation of cyclists!

Between the riderz, the skyride and my own two bike rides, I think I've spent nearly 14hr on the bike this weekend and still had time for a great run in the Kilpatricks. I think I will be celebrating a lovely weekend with a new pair of gloves as I've just realised that I've been wearing the same pair (£1 in the bargain bin at Dales) for over 4 years now. Best value piece of kit I've ever owned but perhaps it's time to retire them!


Red Bike said…
Somehow I don't think we'll ever become a nation of cyclist.

Hopefully though when these kids start driving they'll have a little bit more respect for cyclists and this has got to be a good thing!
KungFooSausage said…
Found my way here via Redbikes blog. Love looking at your photo's of Scotland - many happy times spent there myself & my brother owns Drumbeg Stores if you're ever up there.

Saw one of your goals is to learn to roll a kayak. Let me say its not so easy but as with all things once you know, its a piece of cake. I always found the Canadian Roll easier as you have greater leverage.
Elizabeth A said…
Hello kung foo sausage - i didn't realise there was more than one kind of roll -hmmm...sounds complicated...will need to look into this further!
Red bike - be positive!
trio said…
We've had a few rides in Manchester already, the ones I have been leading have been over-subscribed. Like you I think Sky and British Cycling are onto a great idea!
Elizabeth A said…
Jo, that sounds like a lot of fun and well worth it. Every now and then I start taking the 7 stanes for granted then remember the days when we'd spend Friday and Sunday night doing a return trip from the SE to Scotland and know I'm in the right place!

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