I haven't quite dropped off the blogsphere but, like with training and racing, I just haven't felt the need. Lots of work, life and family things have been happening and somehow I just don't feel like doing anything that isn't just fun. So no more km reps or staring at the bottom of a pool feeling like my lungs are going to explode.

Fear of the Skye sportive led me to rediscover the joy of skinny tyres this month, with a few beautiful road rides, culminating in 95 miles of soggy weather but beautiful views on Saturday. Amply rewarded by a visit to Cafe Arriba, which truly has the best coffee in Scotland. And friendly staff too!

Then venturing out again for some scrambling on the forcan ridge on Sunday and another road ride, this time exploring the winding farm roads between Eaglesham and Strathaven. I just missed getting a 'sad face' on the speed sensor on the way into Hamilton - had I known, I'd have pedalled rather than freewheeling!!

Despite the skinny tyres, I did manage a wee trip to Glentress, where they've redone some of the red route with new, twisty trails and bridges. Also my first dip in the Loch of the year. And some beautiful hill runs around the Southern Upland way (sanquar to Wanlockhead), the Blanfield to Dumgoyne Westies run and a few others. So all in all, not a bad month!


trio said…
Sounds a great month, but not sure about the lack of blogging - I like reading it ;-)
Elizabeth A said…
Thanks, I think I just felt like everything I was doing was boring. Hopefully June will be different and more exciting
Jo said…
Not a bad month indeed. You mention Glentress - we're just back from a 9-day trip from Brighton to 5 of the Stanes (Glen/Inner, Dal, Mabie, Kirr). Very jealous of your local riding, it was AWESOME!

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