Warm(ish) weather training camp

I've spent the last week on a triathlon training camp in Mallorca. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't take a single photo. Sadly, back pocket space was taken up with arm warmers, jacket and long fingered gloves to keep me warm on some of the hills (as well as sweeties - goes without saying) so no room for camera. Even if I had had one, any spare energy was used to either breathe or inhale the sweeties in an effort to keep up with the boys.

Between the long cycles, morning swims and a few short runs and stretching sessions I chalked up almost 27hr of training over the week. And most importantly I've come back a better swimmer and better cyclist. Things just started to click with me during the week - all thanks to some fantastic coaching from John. Almost, just for a few seconds yesterday, I felt like a real swimmer. It was great.

On the cycling front, due to an overwhelming fear of losing the wheel in front, I learnt to go faster round corners, pelting down the long descents and through roundabouts. I'd been really nervous about being the slowest in Mallorca but the boys were great and either waited for me or let me sit on their wheels the whole way round.

Highlights of the trip were mostly related to either sleeping or eating. I'm still weaning myself off afternoon naps. Alan's magical foaming shorts deserve a mention (handwashing with Daz doesn't appear to be ideal preparation for rainy days). I was also highly impressed by Damien, the German mountain biker, who joined our peleton and kept up at a 17mph average for a good few hours. I'm very sorry that we somehow managed to drop him without noticing and very much hope he managed to find his way home (and isn't still out there, cycling round the island like a hamster).

So no photos but a great trip. Smiles all round!


trio said…
You sound like a pro going on a training camp ;-)
Elizabeth A said…
Ha ha, yep, it's all about self belief!

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