Spot my team mate

Catch our Hebridean Challenge team mate Lisa doing the 'puffer in the Adventure Show . See if you can spot her falling off her bike in the mud! I'm totally disgusted that they didn't mention any of the female prize winners. Not only was Lisa 1st female soloist but 6th overall.

(Yes, and before anyone comments about my own strathpuffer 'only girls that bothered to turn up trophy', there were actually other girls racing solo against Lisa (shower of mentalists)!)

I can't say the footage inspired me to do it again!


kate said…
completely agree with you about the totally sexist coverage. i couldn't believe it.

looks like you've got a very strong team for the heb :)
Elizabeth A said…
Yep, I think Lisa scores on being amazing on a bike and also hard as nails /ready to cope with anything. Fantastic team mate!

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