First road ride of the year

Saturday was my first day of venturing out on the road bike -being careful not to go over any big hills (apparently the others had trouble with sheet ice on 'Tak me doon').

After the luxury of always mountain biking with a backpack I had trouble deciding what to wear or remembering what I needed for a road ride without a pack. Seems like ages ago I last got the legs turning at more than a 'plodding' pace so a fast blast along the A77 was really appealing. In the end I did 55miles. I wanted to collapse in a small heap after 33 (really not used to going fast) but managed to get myself back together again and do those extra miles so that when I arrive in Mallorca (Friday afternoon), I'll at least feel partially like a roadie!

Just hoping they don't have a return of their freaky snow in Mallorca. Temperatures over 15C please! So now it's resting time before triathlon boot camp and trying to squeeze bike, wetsuit, swim toys, running shoes and my favourite cereal bars all into bag and box weight limit. I might even take some gels - sounds like this is going to be a tough week...


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