A spot of DIY

I read somewhere recently that for one in three British couples, their favourite hobby is DIY.
I’m sure this can’t be true.

In any case, you’ll have noticed from the lack of blogging about DIY that it doesn’t even rank in the top hundred hobbies for me. However, I do like making cakes and I thought it was time to make a nod in the direction of DIY, by finally constructing one of my Christmas gifts.
So here it is…

Beautiful and tasty! Maybe I could like this sort of DIY??
Unfortunately, a crash half an hour later signalled storm damage to the roof and spontaneous wall collapse. What a shame Neil hadn’t even made it home in time to see it.
So David and Maureen, if you’re reading this, I DID make the gingerbread house, in my very own artistic style (about on a par with a three year old) but if I bring an intact house round for dinner tomorrow it’s likely to have involved superglue!

Today has involved yoga for runners, a cycle to Pollock Park to cheer on the park runners, a turbo session while watching extreme sports, a shopping trip and a meeting about the cycling club. None of these were as exhausting as the building project! Can I eat it yet?


trio said…
That house looks fab! Good job it has collasped makes eating it easier ;-)

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