Lots happening

Lots happening so I haven't really been blogging much. The beautiful weather has been inspiring me to get outside whenever possible. The turbo has been languishing in the corner and any training plan I ever had has been thrown to the winds. I'm just liking my mountain biking a lot really. It's so unusual to have the boggy moors of mugdock frozen hard so that the riding is fast and exciting, rather than the usual hard work and getting stuck in the bog. Still a few mega-hard tussocks waiting to take you unawares and catapult you over the bars though. Grass only pretends to be soft at the moment!

I'm not sure whether it's the new bike or I've just suddenly got better but something's definitely changed in my riding. Where Neil used to dash off ahead and then wait, he's now surprised to see me close behind at the bottom of the trails. We went to Mabie a couple of weeks ago. My legs were definitely struggling after Carnethy the day before but it felt so much easier than how I remembered it. And great berms. Go there for the sweepy-ness! I laughed when we came to a tiny burn as I remember having to get Neil to ride my bike across it a few years back (too steep, too scary).

Since then I've been out on a couple more night rides with the club and almost (almost) kept up with the boys for a change. Thankfully there were a lot of gates on the downhill so I could quietly rejoin the others in the queue and look like I'd been there all along. I'm still finding new places round Glasgow that I haven't been before and it feels like mountain biking has come alive for me again.

So I'm skiving running at the moment. All hill reps and no play makes Elizabeth a dull girl!

I did enjoy the National cross countries at Falkirk though. I thought I should probably put that on record so that next year I have something to remind me that cross countries aren't as mind-numbingly soul-sucking and awful as I thought. This one was sunny and I could look at the swans and geese on the way round, with lots of supporters lining the course and giving encouragement. A nice day out with the Westies.


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