A busy day

I'd arranged to meet Elsie for some mountain biking today but, as we weren't leaving til 11.30am, I decided there was time to sneak in a quick Park Run. I wasn't expecting a great time after a month off running but I haven't been out with the Westies for a while and, as one of their winter league counters I thought it would be a nice chance to catch up. In the end there were 5 Westies so not a massive turn-out but definitely a nice day for January. At 25min30 this 5km was a definite personal worst - I'm not usually that slow at the end of a triathlon but I'm going to let myself off today. Being ill is always rubbish for your fitness but coming back to training is just as hard and I was knackered after Thursdays hill reps and swim combo - could hardly lift my arms above my head on Friday. But in a good way, I like being tired for a reason rather than just because I'm ill.

Still, slow or not it didn't stop me from a short bike ride at Aberfoyle. I MUST remember to do something about my back brake on the Trek as it appears to be permanently jammed on. This poor bike is not getting a lot of TLC now that it's been usurped by a younger, more beautiful model. I'm sure the massive hill with said brake was good training. I think.


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