What to do

All week I've been asking myself 'what do people do when they don't do exercise?'

I finally went to the doctor yesterday and was told not to do any exercise for at least another week. I decided the doctor didn't look very interested in discussing what exactly constitutes exercise (running definitely is but climbing, well, it's only sort of isn't it?) but I'm going to try to be good for at least a few days.

So far January has been a bit disappointing with my first two races called off due to icy conditions underfoot and my third due to illnesss. But I'm looking on the bright side and quite excited about having a weekend where I can do all the things I used to. So I'm downloading new music and reading lots of magazines and books. I visited the Farmers market this morning and came home laden with weird and wonderful goodies (pheasant and apricot sausages?) and I don't even regret taking up the French stallholder on his dare to eat a clove of marinated garlic.


kate said…
rubbish, hope you're back to adventuring soon. i'm at the horrible inbetween stage where i can do little bits but it hardly seems worth it. i don't want to run for just 20min :(

that looks like an excellent haul from the market by the way.
Elizabeth A said…
Yep, I'm sure it's all just a way of making you more motivated when you get back to it again!! I'm promising my bike it'll get out to play soon!

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