Things that are making me smile today...

A snowy and beautiful bike ride and an introduction to some new trails.
The fact that the Westies now has a curry league as well as a running league.
Seeing Emma ride down not one but two sets of steps on her first ever mountain bike ride.
Snowboarding in the campsies - the tussocks made it a little bit more than 'challenging'. Plenty exercise to get up there through the deep snow!!
Having a team for the Hebridean Challenge (though we still need a kayaker if there's any takers out there?)
Pears poached in red wine and cocoa (new recipe).
Plans for further snow appreciation tomorrow.


trio said…
Golf courses are ideal for snowboarding! I am yet to try somewhere without a flat base!
Elizabeth A said…
Genius! I've just realised there's a golf course on the hillside at the other side of the campsies.

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