Running in circles

Along with several burst pipes in our street, the thaw has led to the pavements being covered with a thick sheet of ice, topped with a bit of dirty slush. I'm hoping it will be gone in a day or so and I can run without mincing again. But until then another solution was needed.

So tonight, despite every fibre of my being telling me it would be worst mind-numbing experience of my life, I've visited THE TRACK at Kelvinhall.

First, I was most taken aback by how many people were actually there (don't they have better things to be doing?) And the crazy flexibility of some of the stretches they were doing, while rolling about on the floor. And the can-can dancers side-stepping over GIANT hurdles. And just how blimmin' fast some of those teenagers were.

Being told we were going to do 5 x 1km and that one km is 5 laps of the track, I was bored before I'd even worked out that was 25 times round but I thought I'd give it a go. The track rises at either side and by my third time round I started to feel a bit funny round my knee. I wondered whether it was just my brain projecting something onto my knee to give me something to think about. By my 10th lap I realised that it was more than that and the way I run (slowly and with rolling in knees) just isn't suited to the track.

So I finished the session early, vowing never to return to the track again. And glad of the excuse not to!


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