Not a lot of adventuring going on

For the past week, all adventure had to be by proxy as I've been stuck in with a nasty cough. My attempts to fight the lurgee with garlic-infused tapas at the wee place round the corner sadly didn't seem to have much of an effect.

However, I got to relive Portugal by watching the race on channel 4 on Sunday morning (normally when I'm riding my bike instead of watching it on TV!) It's always reassuring to know that, no matter how much you suffer at the back, the people up at the sharp end are also finding it tough!

And I was very excited to see that Lisa K won the 'puffer. Guess who will be doing the mountain bike time trial at the Hebridean Challenge?? So for Elspeth and Tom, you get to fight out who is road bike TT and who does the hillrunning! I will grow flippers and learn to swim better!


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