More night 'O'

This time around Milngavie with the Westies, at their Christmas score event. We had 1.5hr to collect as many checkpoints as possible.
I'm still 'not really' exercising at the moment. You're not supposed to exercise for a week after laser eye surgery, some say two weeks. When I asked about this they said it's so that you don't get sweat in your eyes so, given the temperature, I decided I was pretty safe with some gentle running. Unfortunately some sort of mental competitive spirit took over me and all thoughts of a gentle run were banished. Instead we tore round Milngavie and tried to get as many points as humanly possibly, arriving in very red faced and a few minutes after our time was up. And boy do I hurt for it today!! My muscles feel like they've tightened to half their normal size and I've an angry black blister on my foot the size of a 2p. This is what happens when you try to come back to exercise too fast. You'd think I would learn eventually!! But it was good fun... Just a shame we must have got one of the high-point clues wrong as we only got 165 points - we thought we'd collected 210! Maybe less running and more writing down of answers for next year!


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