A little line in the sand

Today was my first 5k for 4 years. 24min10 at the Glasgow Park run. That's a line in the sand drawn now and I'm hoping to get faster from here on in.

I was really chuffed for Neil with his PB of 19min30. Just goes to show that attending more Westies curry nights than training sessions, ignoring the concept of reps and intervals and only running 3 times in 2 months will in fact lead to speed.

Or maybe he's Maybelline??

Then a late breakfast set me up nicely for a skiing lesson at Xscape, which Neil had bought me for my birthday. I was quite pleased to realise that all my other downhill sports (running, cycling, snowboarding and rollerblading) meant that I was pretty comfortable with the whole concept of pointing slidey planks down a hill and going for it. Just wish the instructor had let us go faster - something inside of me is screaming that snowplough is boring! Maybe next week...


trio said…
Wow great time!

Did you enjoy it? I think they are great!
Elizabeth A said…
Yep, there was loads of people there, it's such a great idea and so friendly. Someone did it in 15min - amazing!!

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