Race schedule published for portugal

This week has been spent mostly rollerblading. They cancelled the tri club bike ride on Saturday because it was too windy but for some reason it didn't occur to me and Dan that 30mph gusts aren't ideal for rollerblading either. However, at least I've now learnt to stop and control my speed quite successfully. Nothing like a massive gust of wind on the downhill to put the fear in you. Parallel turns are next on the list...

They've published the race schedule for Portugal.
Looks, umm, exciting. Particularly the day where we do a 160km mtb ride followed by a 60km trek.

And whitewater kayaking in a sit-on-top? What?

I'm looking forward to all the special stages of the race; they've promised lots of ropework and canyoning and water jumps. We also had a wee shot at archery on Saturday - not my best discipline so far but the deal last year was that you could miss out some running if you hit a bullseye. Here's hoping for some beginners luck!


trio said…
This event sounds crazy, you will love it!

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