An alternative sort of holiday

I took some time off after Ben Nevis to go to Spain and relax in the sunshine. I wasn't sure I'd enjoy a relaxing holiday but it was really refreshing to wake up in the morning and not have anything at all to do. I really enjoyed being able to devote so much time to reading books and trying to guess how to say things in Catalan (rather than a mixture of spanish, english and french which is what we were mostly trying). We had one rather entertaining hour wandering around the narrow streets of Barcelona, looking for a rio 'palacio', until we realised that the street names were in Catalan and it should have been 'palau'.

So a whole week of eating the spanish equivalent to haggis, drinking red wine and letting my body recover. We stayed in the mountains for a few days so we thought it would be rude not to go for a wee hill run while we were there (such pretty mountain villages and a really different kind of running to the Scottish bogfest). We also did some fairly exciting whitewater rafting- not too much exercise though, I promise!!


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