Why have these appeared in my wardrobe?

You'd think I have enough hobbies but all of a sudden I have another one: rollerblading, and with a definite deadline on the learning curve. Lizzie, Dan and Philip have invited me to join Team Cruachan at the Adventure Race World Champs in Portugal in November. 7 weeks to learn...

The race covers over 700km by bike, foot, rollerblades and kayak and also includes swimming, caving, archery, climbing and a whole host of other stuff I can't remember.

It starts on Sunday 8th November and finishes anytime between then and Friday 13th November. 6 days of continuous racing, what on earth have I let myself in for? The next few weeks will be spent in a flurry of collecting random items of the kit list, practising towing, climbing up ropes and rollerblading and most of all, wondering how I'm going to cope. I always say I'm good at slow races and we're taking a jetboil so there must be tea-stops involved.... (i think the words 'OMG what have I done?' are permanently floating over my head!!).

Still, at least I've got no need to panic about Portugal yet - have to survive this weekend's Ben Nevis Tri first!!


Red Bike said…
That sounds like a fantastic race / adventure!

I'm still trying to find the time to get out running so I can enter a duathlon.
(Your blog inspired me to enter one weeks ago)

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