Coast to Coast Day5: on to Ballater

There are numerous ways to sneak through Glen Feshie to the South East and apparently choosing one depends on the weather and trail conditions. We just wemt with what was on the website and were pleased it looked like being a flat day with no 'corrieyairack's to negotiate'. We were surprised to find a tarmac road in the Glen but not too disappointed and we certainly paid for the privilige later with a good few miles of bog trotting and river crossing. On getting to Braemar we stuck to the North of the river to give the royals some peace. I think at other times of the year you can go through Balmoral estate.

It isn't a part of the country I know all that well but it's really beautiful, if a bit more 'civilised' and with pictures of queen victoria all over the place. I noticed the outdoor shop in Ballater sells full tweed suits, complete with tie. Where else can you find those? And every second car is a range rover - a bit like Surrey really!

Today I found out that the CO-OP does AMAZING chocolate brownies :) At almost 80km, this is the longest day of the trip, making a lovely pub lasagne much appreciated! My waterproof socks are so thick with dirt they've gone rigid and can now walk by themselves!! Cycling shorts no longer work either!


Red Bike said…
I don't think you'd of got me over that bridge first.
trio said…
Sounds amazing, I want to do it!

Co-op brownies are fab aren't they! There chocolate and brownie ice-cream is even better!
Elizabeth A said…
have been racking brains to figure out where the nearest coop is to me. Fingers crossed they do ice-cream, sounds great!

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