Coast to Coast Day 3: Glen Affric to Fort Augustus

This was a stunning day. With strong recollections of the Glen Affric duathlon, we passed through some of the race route and got to ride down the evil red 'sticky hill' which I remember being particularly nasty in March. We hardly saw any tarmac on this day and it was a beautiful ride to get to Fort Augustus. Slightly wet however: I suspect about 50% of the ride there was water going right up to my peddles!

The day had a real sting in the tail going over that hill at the end. Many jelly babies died to get me to the B&B. The Forestry commission had decided to make the route down into FA a bit more interesting by completely changing all the roads, not the best when it was pouring with rain and we were all freezing.
We turned up to a very pristine B&B looking begraggled and dirty. Needless to say the B&B was a lot less pristine when we left the next morning; with a Midas touch, everything we went near turned to mud. We tried to wash out our clothes and socks in the sink then dry them over the radiator but the noise of Elspeth trying to put on waterproof socks then next day suggested that staying in hostels with drying rooms would have been preferable!


Red Bike said…
I thought you liked swimming?

It still sounds FABULOUS despite the weather.
John Donnelly said…
good going you Westies Women. Wondered where you were at the curry night on Wed, was a good one. Keep it up. Hope it dries up a bit.

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