A riverside ride

Yesterday was my first day as one of the Sky Ride Leaders. I met my willing victims (and co-leaders) at the science centre for a ride along the Clyde to Glasgow Green. We were planning to do a short loop around the green but unfortunately it was shut due to the carnival and we had to head back the way we came. Glad the sun was shining and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves anyway. The big 'sky ride' event for Glasgow is 23rd August so hoping to see a big turn out for that. Spread the word!

Also, Short film of Open24 now on web.


Red Bike said…
The open24 looks fantastic. Completely nuts, but fantastic!

Best of luck with your SkyRide.
trio said…
We had our skyride yesterday, crazy busy and so much fun!

You have many victims on your ride, so far the two I have done have only had 1 and then 3.
Elizabeth A said…
Hnmm, confused how I managed to delete your message John! Yes, I'll be at the curry tomorrow!
Elizabeth A said…
Trio, I have 6 victims lined up for Sunday but the ride is only 4.7km???
trio said…
Wow that is beyond short!

I was doing 5 miles on sunday, the way back was taking over an hour!

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