What happened to my quads?

Somehow, without really noticing it, I've managed not to run on roads for a good 4/5 weeks. I haven't really done many hill runs either as I've been racing (/dead) and kayaking. So two hard running sessions this week have left my quads and hip flexors completely trashed!

I've just put in a last minute entry for the Edinburgh Rat Race on Sunday so hopefully my legs will be feeling more alive by then (and I think it's mostly biking, which should be better than running for me at the moment). I'm racing with Dan and Philip who are both very fast so will need to find a way to keep out of trouble on Saturday and not go for a long bike ride that leaves me knackered for Sunday. We're planning a bbq after tonight's Loch Lomond swim but, given the weather, I think we may still be wearing our wetsuits while bbq-ing!

Starting to look at routes for our coast to coast and I currently have my eye on a bike trailer... Just not sure where in our flat we might be able to put it. Though, given that Neil's on holiday for two weeks, maybe I should take the opportunity to buy now, ask boring questions later??


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