Easy weekend

Was still feeling pretty tired after all my racing and kayaking / biking last week so have been having a very quiet week. I'm now thoroughly sick of the sight of my sofa, have read two books (including the adventure cycle touring handbook - so many things to do) and yet still didn't manage to persuade myself to do any housework.

Saturday was my Ride Leader training course. I'll be leading family rides round Glasgow on Sundays for the next few months so if anyone (or your family!) want to come along, the info will be posted here.

Then Sunday, me and Neil went for a run on Ben Venue. We saw some massive wild goats - looked like they'd been crossed with deer and the smell off them was enough to put you off goats cheese for life!! We bypassed them swiftly and carried on to the top, over several false summits. Running back down was a bit of a mission as my eyes had decided they didn't like contacts but it was really too wet to wear my glasses. It felt like I was swimming the whole way down, everything under water. Beautiful views of the loch on the way down made it all worth it. As a run it took a bit longer than we'd expected (2.5hr) but was definitely a nice day out.


trio said…
I'm doing ride leader stuff in Manchester. Did my first rides yesterday! Enjoy the training!
Elizabeth A said…
I'm really looking forward to it. Hope lots of people turn up! It's such a good idea.

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