New races on the horizon

With the Heb being cancelled I'm needing to find somewhere else to channel all my energy and my newfound competitive streak (rather than just chasing people round the park). I've entered the Open12 the last week in June, with a guy from the sleepmonsters Forum. Unfortunately the day after we entered he broke his thumb mountain biking in the Questars race but I'm hoping he'll be fixed quickly (he still carried on racing though - must be hardcore!!).

Hopefully if that goes well we'll race in the Open24 as well but that will involve some learning how to kayak a bit better as I need the new 2* certificate (and some technique and efficiency too).

I did the Kilpatrick's hill race last night which was absolutely stunning, with amazing views out over the Clyde, especially on the way down the last hill. Elspeth came 2nd female, which is great, especially since she's still fairly new at hillrunning. And I didn't come last, which is always nice - though I really suffered with my blisters from the weekend. I'm practicising forefoot walking today (also known as mincing - I should be taking the opportunity to be wearing towering heels since I have to walk on my toes anyway!!). I think I've confirmed my view that I take at least an hour to warm up. It was a real pity the race only lasted 1hr8min!


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