Mid week adventures

With the Open24 looming in just over 6 weeks I thought it might be about time to learn to kayak again! Last year's race was so incredibly demoralising to start with a long and gruelling paddle in the rubbish sit-on-top kayaks while everyone else paddled off effortlessy into the distance in the faster boats (courtesy of them showing their 2* certificates). That 2* will be mine shortly and I'll be starting this year's race at full pelt! Fortunately, Glasgow kayak club came to my assistance on Tuesday and invited me out for an evening paddle from Prestwick beach. With the vivid sunset behind the jagged tops of Arran, I don't think I've ever had such a beautiful paddle. Why didn't I take my camera? The obvious answer to that is fear of capsizing and losing everything). However, despite the waves, I'm actually starting to get the hang of this kayaking business and it didn't seem quite so tippy as I'd expected. Having lots of patient instructors close by was really reassuring and how lucky that Kev is trying to get an instructor's award right when I'm needing a bit of tuition. Anything that makes me more efficient will be lovely.
Didn't make it back to Glasgow til midnight. Kayaking involves so much faff, it takes ages to get anywhere. Much worse than biking! And I'm not sure I'm going to get round to dealing with the wet and sandy shoes that are in the porch ever.

Wednesday night was another cycling time trial at Greenock. It was Neil's turn to have the car so that meant it was practically a time trial to get out there after work. I cycled across the Erskine bridge which was beautiful, I can't believe I've never done that before. Then it was a quick five min break before setting off to do my 10 miles in 29min28s. Still a bit slower than last year but it was really windy - a 6mph difference between the out and the back. Lots of the club members training for Ironman were out in their skin tight suits with matching bootees (I heard one of them wondering how to go to the toilet - the suits don't look easy to get in and out of). Needless to say, I didn't quite manage to keep up with them but I'm still pleased my time starts with a 2 rather than a 3!


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